11:34 - 30/01/2020 (GMT+7)

MOTOR EXPO 2020 – Whatever Changes will be…Move on

IMC reveals the theme concept of “The 37th Thailand International Motor Expo 2020” supporting technological development and the use of motor vehicles without limitation.

Kwanchai Paphatphong, President and CEO of Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. and Organizing Chairman of Motor Expo 2020, reveals the background to the theme concept this year, “After over a century of continuous development motor vehicles are entering an era of a major technological change that does not need fuel and internal combustion engine anymore.”


“The most prominent energy replacing oil today is electricity, starting from supplementing a conventional engine with electricity to become a hybrid and plug-in hybrid, and eventually an all-electric vehicle that is economical and non-polluting. Although still under development, the electric vehicle market is growing rapidly in many countries around the world.”

In addition to electric power, makers are also seeking other kinds of energy to replace oil – hydrogen, fuel cells, solar power, etc. Commercial production of vehicles running on these energies have begun and they are expected to be viable alternatives to electric vehicles in the future. However, up until now, internal combustion engines are still the mainstay of most motor vehicles. And manufacturers are able to satisfactorily reduce pollution caused by the use of fossil fuel which is a weakness of the system.

At the same time, from the consumer’s perspective, although technology has changed the purpose of driving has not – to travel from one point to another quickly, safely and without damaging the environment. Importantly, whether the future motor vehicle will run on oil, electricity, hydrogen, fuel cells or solar power, and whether it is controlled by a human or is self-driving, the charm of the motor vehicle – given its comfort, safety, environmental friendliness, including styling beauty and amazing technology – will always enchant us who never tire of travelling in it.

The theme concept of “The 37th Thailand International Motor Expo 2020” is “Whatever Changes will be…Move on” to encourage makers to create motor vehicles that run on various kinds of energy without limitation and exhibit them at the event which will be held at IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani during 2-13 December, December 2020.



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