06:52 - 14/03/2015 (GMT+7)

Mercedes AMG GT-S: The “golden” ride

Mercedes AMG GT-S with a golden outfit? Check. Seductive curves of models coupled with equally sexy outfits? Check. All in all, we have the materials needed to create one mesmerizing gallery.

The GT-S features a sporty language design reflecting the Sensual Purity theme quite well, including a long front end, muscular bonnet, as-close-to-rear-end-as-possible cockpit and fastback rear end.

Its heart, the 4.0L V8 engine manufactured under the philosophy of “each engineer per engine” and handcrafted by racers offers a maximum power of 510HP and 650Nm as torque at 1.750 – 4.750rpm. With the assistance of the 7-speed sport transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT, it only takes GT-S 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h before reaching its maximum potential at 310km/h.


Dưới góc ảnh nghệ thuật, Mercedes-AMG GT S càng thêm phần mạnh mẽ và quyến rũ

The super sport car now has its own gallery with 2 sexy models, thanks to the effort of photographers and their crews.

Created by: Cỏ Ba Lá Entertainment

Photo: Yuh Nguyễn

Stylist: Min Nguyễn

Model: Lệ Thủy & Ánh Ngà

Custom: Ha_Na Boutique 37B Trần Quang Khải Q1 TP HCM

Make up: Kiệt Phan


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