08:40 - 9/01/2015 (GMT+7)

Supermodel Minh Trieu with Honda Civic 2015

With a “sportier and more subtle” design idea, the new Civic is truly outstanding and appealing.

The model’s new exterior is more dynamic with bold lines and aerodynamic styling, coupled with ACE body structure that offers high safety features. Its front end becomes more attractive and sportier thanks to a new design. Civic 2015 receives a totally new grille, from 3-spoke style to black honeycomb style highlighted with an elegant shiny U-shaped chrome-plated bar which is designed under the new design language ‘Exciting H Design’, similar to Accord’s new gen. In addition, the grille under the front bumper is also added with a chrome-plated bar to enhance its elegance.

Features from previous versions that make up Civic’s identity remain unchanged: the modern and daring front end, the elliptical fog light clusters inside parallelogram cavities, trapezoid wind cavity combined with bold front bumper provide a clear sporty look.

Civic’s interior creates a huge impression thanks to a perfect cockpit. The 9th-gen Civic is different from others thanks to a “smart interface” arranged rationally for driver to easily interact and operate without any distraction.

To optimize “driving joy” of customers, Honda Vietnam has equipped Civic with a variety of useful and advanced features. The 2.0 version is equipped with an audio system controlled by an advanced 7-inch touch screen, Sygic GPS, hand-free telephone (HFT), i-MID and the fuel-saving mode ECON Assist including ECON mode and Eco coaching.

The new Civic has its suggested retail price at 780 million VND for the 1.8AT and 869 million VND for the 2.0AT (VAT included) with 4 vibrant color options: Black, titanium, silver gray and ivory white.

Below is the Gallery “Supermodel with Honda Civic 2015”, taken by the photographer Le Thien Vien with the support of stylist Do Long and supermodel Minh Trieu.



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