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09:06 - 6/01/2015 (GMT+7) 5 years connecting passions 5 years connecting passions

Yesterday (January 4th), hundreds of high performance motorcycle enthusiasts with their high performance motorcycles have gathered in Hanoi to celebrate the 5th birthday of

Established since 2010 January, by now the forum has operated for 5 years and has always been a platform for high performance motorcycle enthusiasts to share their passion, whether they can afford one or not. To mark this memorable journey, has organized an offline birthday party consists of hundreds of high performance motorcycle enthusiasts from Hanoi, Da Nang, HCM city, Quang Ngai, Thai Nguyen or Bac Giang…

In the forum’s 5th birthday, not only there were members from Thanh Hoa, Son La, Thai Nguyen, Hai Phong,… but also members from Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Nha Trang and even the female biker Ngoc Yen (nicknamed Ot Hiem) from HCM city.

“The passion of high performance motorcycle enthusiasts cannot be measured by the distance they travelled… most importantly it comes from their hearts, and their passions have erased all boundaries. is exactly where you can find those people”, Ngoc Yen from HCM city stated.

Also at the birthday party, in addition to money donated by the forum members, a charity auction was also held and was able to collect nearly 30 million VND. The money will be used for the forum’s operation in the near future and for its charitable social activities.

As an open and non-profit forum, aims to promote healthy high performance motorcycle passion across Vietnam. It organized not only backpacking activities but also charitable social activities, such as helping children patients with difficulties at K2 Hospital, Tam Hiep, Hanoi along with the help of La Me Xanh charitable group, donating blood as encouraged by the Hanoi Union, supporting flood victims from the Central region of Vietnam, collecting warm clothes for children in mountainous areas…


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