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Cafe-racer-modded Honda GL400 in Da Nang

Cafe-racer-modded Honda GL400 in Da Nang

Modding motorcycle is always an endless inspiration for every passionate motorist. Among the numerous modding styles today, café-racer is one of the most popular among the youth.

The 1983-generation Honda GL400 is collected by a motorcycle enthusiast in Da Nang with breakthrough free-style features, minimalist yet impressive details which surprised many enthusiasts by its marvelous beauty.


The modded GL400 retains its original 80o V-Twin engine with a cylinder capacity of 396cc. The engine is liquid-cooled and produces a maximum power of 40HP at 9.500rpm with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The 1983 gen GL400 café-racer-modded

The modded FL400 is highlighted with the 2-color theme from the red frame and silver white fuel tank together with vertical rear shock absorber. In addition, the original beauty of the motorcycle is retained and further enhanced as it only gets cleaned, thus creating a nostalgic feeling for enthusiasts while looking at it.

 hai tông màu chủ đạo của khung sườn đỏ, màu trắng bạc

According to the modder, it took a lot of time to complete this model, as its components were from various different brands: Ohlins front and rear suspension, Ducati 1098 switch cluster, Brembo clutch and brake levers, Daytona shackles station, Harley front and taillights, Honda tires… together with many other components specially ordered from abroad.       In addition, a lot of components required to be hand-crafted.

The motorcycle is highlighted with a red – silver white theme

The modded GL400’s body frame, tail and fuel tank were all manually molded and welded and are powder-coated. The hand-crafted outlet created gently warm sound demonstrating the modder’s personality.

In various modding styles nowadays, perhaps café-racer is currently receiving the most attention. The modded motorcycle owner will always be looked at with admiration by others.


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