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14:41 - 23/07/2014 (GMT+7)

Cars market sales to decrease slightly compared to May

Cars market sales to decrease slightly compared to May

The reduction in sales reflected the needs of customers in the middle of the year. The whole industry is expected to gain an 18% increase in 2014, reaching 130.000 units, 5.000 higher than previous forecasts.

VAMA has announced the 15th consecutive month with growth over the same period last year and it has proven that the market is slowly reaching a higher level. However, during this period, sales from one month are not always higher than the previous one with the evidence being June, which witnessed a slight decrease in sales due to the decline in truck sales.

11.884 units of all kinds have been consumed in June including 4.477 trucks (432 units lowered compared to May), equaled to that of March. However, in reality, sales in June are only lower than that of the record-breaker May. In addition, passenger cars were gaining a good growth with June being the month with the second highest sales of the segment, lowered only than that of January solely because of Tet’s high demand.

In June, domestically assembled cars continued to rise in number, however that of imported cars saw a drastically drop compared to last month after a huge leap previously. It saw a 27% decrease in June compared to a 42% increase in May. By the end of 2014 June, sales of domestically assembled cars increase by 24% compared to the same period last year, while that of imported cars reached 60%.

Taking the first 6 months of 2014 into account, the whole industry has sold 65.389 units of all kinds, which meant half of the expected sales of the year. However, the following 6 months of the year must see an average of 11.000 units per month to achieve that, which is quite hard since July and August are the “gloomy” months in the lunar calendar – therefore they always have low sales. As a result, the end-year sales must increase dramatically in order for the VAMA’s forecast to happen.

In addition, through VAMA’s statistics, we can see that the passenger car segment is having larger and larger market share compared to the truck segment.
June was the second best month in sales so far, only comes after May (Click to enlarge picture)
As for VAMA’s members, Thaco, Ford and Toyota are leading the sales charts. With 972 units consumed, June was the month with the second highest sales for Ford Vietnam in 2014, thus helping the brand to achieve the second most successful quarter, only comes after the 4th quarter of 2009, seeing a 51% increase compared to 2011’s 2nd quarter. Thaco was able to sell 3.489 units, in which 1.588 being passenger cars and 1.901 being commercial cars, 48% up compared to 2013 June. Thaco’s strength remained in the truck segment but Kia and Mazda’s success recently also saw the market’s favor towards Thaco’s other products.

As for Toyota, after the first 6 months of 2014, they were able to sell 16.653 units of all kinds, 12% up compared to the same period last year. The emergence of new products such as Vios or Yaris created competition for other models as well as brought a new heat to the segment.

In June, the prominent products were Honda Accord and EcoSport. Accord was imported as CBU units whereas the Ford EcoSport has finally left the production line to reach customers.


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