[VIMS 2016] Volkswagen to feature 7 international models |
11:19 - 27/10/2016 (GMT+7)

[VIMS 2016] Volkswagen to feature 7 international models

[VIMS 2016] Volkswagen to feature 7 international models

Coming to Volkswagen’s booth at this year’s VIMS are 7 of its international models: 3 all-new and one very, very special appearance – a symbol of the brand’s success in the past.

2016 can be considered as the year which marks the reappearance of Volkswagen in Vietnam. Its vehicle, all in all, can quite well meet the needs of the majority of Vietnamese consumers and also deliver European-quality standards with affordable and reasonable cost. This is the right direction the German brand needs to take.


The new Passat is equipped with a series of safety features such as 6 airbags, ABS, TSI 1.8L engine, ASR, ESC,…  all along a practical and simple approach. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7,9 seconds before reaching its max speed at 232 km/h.

Volkswagen’s booth at VIMS this year is located in a 388m2 area in the indoor zone of SECC. Its symbolic models such as Polo, Passat, Tiguan and Touareg are all available, as well as the debut of the new Jetta, Sheran and most importantly the infamous Beetle (2016MY).


Mr. Fabian Uwe – Business Director of Volkswagen SEA said “We are delighted and proud to be present here at VIMS. We have always considered it to be a fantastic event for us to approach and communicate with our customers in HCM city in particular and in the country in general. As of now we are releasing 3 new models: Jetta, Sheran and Beetle 2016 and in the future we hope to diversify our portfolio even more. Additionally, with 16 reputative brands here at the show, we expect VIMS to deliver impressive and interesting experience to all visitors as well as have positive effect on the development of imported car market in Vietnam.

Not just featuring exotic cars at VIMS, Volkswagen also provides a purely European space at the event with the help of the luxurious costume brand – Weill.

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