[VIMS 2016] Suzuki to release Ciaz at the show
17:48 - 28/10/2016 (GMT+7)

[VIMS 2016] Suzuki to release Ciaz, priced at 580 mil

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[VIMS 2016] Suzuki to release Ciaz, priced at 580 mil

Vietnam Suzuki just introduced to the market a new Sedan model named Ciaz at Vietnam International Motor Show 2016. Possessing sporty and elegant style, pleasant interior, dynamic performance, and enhanced efficiency, Ciaz may very well be a new trend in its segment.

By launching Ciaz, Suzuki has finished introducing its 4 product lines which are MPV, Hatchback, SUV and Sedan to Vietnamese consumers. Once again, this event re-affirms Suzuki’s long term commitment to Vietnam. This is also an effort to maintain its position as one of the leading car manufacturers in this potential market.


The interior of Ciaz is designed for a pleasant journey with high-quality instrument panel and luxury leather seat, a wide range of advanced feature and amenity enhancing travelling comfort and convenience. These features include automatic air conditioner, DVD with back camera, USB and AUX sockets, remote control key, keyless push start system …

The refined K14B VVT engines of Ciaz has a maximum output of 68/6,000 kW/rpm and maximum torque of 130/4,000 Nm/rpm. The engine is enhanced to reduce friction in components in order to enable smooth running and minimize noise, vibration and harshness.


Suzuki cars collection which is introduced at Vietnam International Motor Show 2016 is inspired by the theme “More for Less”- providing more value and options of styles, intelligent features for consumers at a budget price. This is the very first time Suzuki launched Ciaz – the “Authentic Sedan” to Vietnam market. Developed for people who are driven to excel, Ciaz combines a roomy comfortable cabin and a great driving performance with excellent fuel efficiency.


Besides Ciaz, the other three models of Suzuki including Vitara, Swift and Ertiga are also displayed in this motor show. Vitara “All Grip” – Bold style, Bold success – is a Compact SUV with All Grip technology owning sporty smart design, spaciousness, fuel economy, extreme security and efficient processing capabilities in urban roads, particular in the case of narrow and bad roads.Swift – Simple yet Beautiful – has new versions Swift RS with new colors (sunshine yellow) and adding more functions to create personalized and youthful style. Ertiga-7 Seat Car for Family – is outstanding with spacious interior space and a flexible usage is one of a rare plus point for a family car.


In Vietnam, retail price for Ciaz is 580,000,000 VND; 609,000,000 VND for Swift RS and 879,000,000 for Vitara “All Grip”.


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