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[VIMS 2016] Bold French style with Renault

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[VIMS 2016] Bold French style with Renault

A romantic, luxurious and artistic atmosphere – a very typical French space, can be found in VIMS 2016 at Renault’s booth. Along with it are the brand’s mainstream models and also an all-new one: the Talisman.

This time Renault brings with it the cannot-be-expected-more portfolio, including Koleos, Megane, Duster, Sandero Stepway and, most importantly, the all-new Talisman sedan. A fresh breath of French design, Renault Talisman has its own appeal through advanced driver-assist technologies as well as perfert road grip. Moreover, Renault ensures its best and latest generation of engine and transmission for all models it brought to VIMS 2016.


Voted the most beautiful car at International Automobile Festival 2015, Renault Talisman features diamond-shaped logo in the middle of the chrome-plated front grille, which in turn provides a sharp look. C-shaped LED DRLs are extended to also surround the grille.


Along with impressive design is of course, impressive performance. Talisman features Renault Sport’s Tce 150 engine accompanied by a 7-speed DCT. As a result, Talisman can generate 190 hp at 6.000 rpm and 260 Nm at 2.500 rpm. The new 8.7 inch R-Link screen goes along with HUD display, Bose Surround Audio system and LED Pure Vision, all in all emit a luxurious aura on the inside.

Renault Talisman also received 5-star safety ratings from Euro NCAP thanks to its Visio system, AEBS, parking assist, blind spot warning, hill-start assist, adaptive cruise control and child safety system.


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