06:59 - 23/04/2015 (GMT+7)

Ninja H2 made its official debut in Vietnam

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Ninja H2 made its official debut in Vietnam

Having gathered numerous attentions from the global bike community since its introduction, Kawasaki’s masterpiece H2 has finally made it to Vietnam on the afternoon of April 22nd, 2015.

The bike is known to be the first H2 in Vietnam, and was imported by the Quyen Lan showroom in HCM city. There were rumors about H2 being imported into Vietnam before, but all pictures taken were from neighboring countries.

The showroom is known to import 3 units straight from Germany with serial number being 32-33-34. Kawasaki H2 is able to impressive anyone, even with their first glance. The bike is a combination of angular lines in overall. The front end’s design is quite similar to that of a powerful air fighter while the body is more subtle with shiny chrome-coated details.

H2 uses a 998cc 16-valve 4-cylinder supercharged DOHC engine capable of producing 207HP and 133.5Nm at 10.500rpm, accompanied by a 6-speed hand clutch gearbox. H2’s weight is 238kg and its fuel tank capacity is 17L.

In addition to the very powerful engine, H2 is also equipped with Brembo 330mm front dual disc brake and 250mm disc brake on the rear end together with the ABS. 17-inch star-shaped 5-spoke wheel is H2’s standard option.

The bike’s price in Vietnam will be a little over 1 billion VND and it promises to be a competitor of BMW S1000RR, Yamaha R1 and Suzuki GSX-R1000.

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