Ducati Scrambler 2015 officially available in Vietnam |
09:06 - 2/02/2015 (GMT+7)

Ducati Scrambler 2015 officially available in Vietnam

Ducati Scrambler 2015 officially available in Vietnam

On the evening of January 1st, 2015, Ducati Vietnam officially introduced Ducati Scrambler 2015 Icon Yellow to the model’s fans in HCM city.

Shortly after its launch in the US market, Scrambler 2015 has been introduced to the market of Vietnam. The model is widely expected by enthusiasts who are fond of the compact, stylish and wild motorbike. Scrambler 2015 features classic design and is sold at a relatively affordable price.

The Icon version is one of the 4 different versions of Ducati Scrambler that were introduced to the model’s fans around the world in September, 2014. Its fame dated back to the 60s and 70s of the last century, as its compact and nostalgic design attracted many people.

With the slogan “The land of joy – A land of Inspiration” along with retaining the “soul” of the 60-70s version: funny, full of spirit of freedom yet maintain traditional values, Ducati has created a fresh air in the 2015 version when applying new technologies blended with classic style.

Unlike the previous version with 1-cylinder, 125cc to 400cc engine, the new version offers a 803cc 2-cylinder engine capable of producing 75HP at 8.250rpm and 67,7Nm at 5.750rpm, similar to the engine equipped on Monster 795 and 796.

Scrambler’s look is completely difference from recent Ducati muscle motorbike. Its design is influenced by compact “tracker” style, with high steering so that drivers can control it easily with their back straight. In addition, Scrambler has low seat height, making it very suitable for Asians in general and Vietnamese in particular. Ducati has already introduced 4 versions of Scrambler 2015 in the world market, namely Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic.

It is expected that all 4 versions will be available in Vietnam after Lunar New Year 2015 with the help of Ducati Vietnam. Their prices will range from 303 million VND to 357 million VND.

Also at the premiere, all Scrambler’s fans exploded with joys upon hearing that there will be many accessories and spare parts for all 4 versions, so they can easily express their own characteristic and style.

After introducing Scrambler 2015 Icon Yellow to bikers in HCM city, Ducati will continue to bring the model to bikers in Hanoi and Da Nang also in 2015 January.

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