Piaggio Vietnam to recall some imported models |
09:37 - 24/01/2015 (GMT+7)

Piaggio Vietnam to recall some imported models

Piaggio Vietnam to recall some imported models

628 imported scooters of Piaggio Vietnam will be recalled, including Vespa GTS< Vespa LXV and Piaggio units.

The vehicles mentioned above were manufactured between May 13th, 2009 and August 31st, 2010, including:

2 Piaggio Beverly 125 i.e. with the frame number *APM691000*

359 Vespa GTS 125 i.e. with the frame number *ZAPM45300*

267 Vespa LXV 125 i.e. with the frame number *ZAPM68102*

The recall decision was approved by the Vietnam Register and Piaggio’s genuine distributor in Vietnam – Piaggio Vietnam, under the company’s global recall policies. Piaggio has detected malfunctions in the fuel pump’s rotor that can possibly make the engine more difficult to start or even shut down the engine when being used in a long period of time or in a hot environment.

The market has not recorded any accidents relating to the rotor malfunction so far. However, with a view of ensuring the highest responsibility to Piaggio customers, the Piaggio Group has decided to recall all vehicles in the area in question to solve the problem.

Piaggio Vietnam will check and replace the rotor for all vehicles included in the recall, all free of charge. Estimated time for the procedure will be 40-90 minutes. All costs are paid by Piaggio Vietnam.

The recall campaign officially began in January 23th, 2015, applied to all Piaggio dealers across the country. The list of dealers and detailed information related to the program can be found on the website http://www.piaggio.com.vn.

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